Weight Loss Programs for Healthy Living

Workout Tips

Speak with your average couch potato, and chances are he or she can tell you exactly why regular workout is important and what benefits you'll derive from a consistent fitness program. The public is surprisingly knowledgeable about the positive impact of exercise. So why are so many Americans still inactive?

Some believe that the sedentary population needs fewer reasons they should exercise and more concrete workout tips on how to exercise. More specifically how to create a workout program that suits their physical needs and lifestyle. Perhaps the most important element is finding an activity that you enjoy and one that is easily accessible.

What physical activities bring you pleasure - walking, dancing, skating, skiing? Think about the activities you enjoyed as a child. Is there a way to adapt them to an exercise program? You may find the following tips helpful in improving your exercise adherence:

• Set individual, short-term goals such as completing two workouts a week for two weeks.

• Try working out with your spouse. Research indicates that this improves adherence up to 90 percent. If your spouse isn't interested or participates in activities that you don't enjoy, seek support elsewhere. Find an exercise partner or exercise class that adds a social dimension to your fitness program.

Keep your workouts short and mild in intensity as you embark on a program. You'll find that both duration and intensity will increase gradually as your fitness level improves.

Remember that all types of activity have value. Even the simple movements can help you perform daily tasks, such as picking a piece of paper up from the floor or retrieving a golf ball from the cup.