Weight Loss Programs for Healthy Living

Weight loss

The lure of the weight loss journey is strong. It takes us away from what we've always known, promising fresh vistas and new experiences. It offers possibilities for re-making ourselves and living the life we could only dream about in our normal surroundings.

Losing weight is like embarking on a journey. Take a few moments to think about what makes a successful journey. Apply the same principles to your weight loss journey.

Here are some travel tips as you embark on your weight loss journey:

• Before you leave, determine your destination. Consult your physician and get a reasonable diet and exercise recommendation from him or her. Only your doctor can tailor an individualized program to fit your specific needs.

• Think about your journey. This heightens anticipation and prolongs the pleasure of your trip. Think about how you will feel healthier and lighter. Imagine feeling stronger.

• Talk to your travel agent and make reservations. Ask other people how their weight loss journey worked for them, gather tips and information. Then, set reasonable small goals for yourself that you can really achieve. Tell other people about them. Ask for support.

• Choose your travel companions. Many times, being part of a tour group enhances your experience. It helps to take others along to share your experiences, challenges and success.

• Budget for your trip. Don't be hooked into diet gimmicks, high priced food or fancy equipment.

• Pack appropriately. That means light! Eat light, feel light. Enjoy light.

• Show off your journey pictures. Let everyone enjoy seeing the new you!

One word of caution. Don't think of your successful weight loss as the end of your journey or you'll be disappointed to find you'll need to take the same journey again. Think of this as the beginning of many new travels to come. Start planning all the exciting new things you want to do, now that you've achieved your goal of weight loss.