Weight Loss Programs for Healthy Living


We wait, impatiently, for a cure for cancer; we hope that we shall soon tame the disease-beast that is Alzheimer's; and, without a murmur of protest, money by the wagonload is poured into the research hole that is AIDS. Then, there is heart disease, Public Enemy No. 1, leading disease killer of both men and women.

Can you imagine the headlines, the tributes and accolades if tomorrow the American Heart Association announced there was a cure for coronary artery disease? The Nobel Prize committee would be summoned into extraordinary session.

Well, we have actually "discovered" something almost as good. We have found a way to prevent heart disease - a method to hold this tiger of a disease at bay. No, it is not a pill, a vaccine, a wonder drug. Moreover, no pharmaceutical manufacturer controls it. To the contrary, it is within YOUR power to "take the cure." Indeed, we can self-medicate, and to our heart's content. It's called, simply: E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E!

Of the three tenets of good health - exercise, diet and sleep - adequate exercise has primacy. In other words, fitness becomes more important to survival the older we become...exercise extends not only your life but its quality as well.

Inactivity is lethal, and even a little bit of exercise is a strong enough potion to ward off the multiple deteriorations that accompany a life sluggishly lived. Only 10 percent to 20 percent of adults are appropriately active, while 30 percent get no exercise at all. Shame on this nation of sluggards and couch potatoes!

Consider, all the latest research teaches there are lower thresholds for exercise benefits, which means almost anyone can get in on this good thing. For example, a little gardening, walking in the mall, line or square dancing, biking or water aerobics all qualify as life-enhancers and extenders. The trick, of course, is to make the commitment, and to begin exercising!