Weight Loss Programs for Healthy Living

Diet Plans

Chances are you're thinking about shedding those extra pounds you gained during the winter. Perhaps you've considered one of the many diet plans available at the local magazine rack. Many guarantee quick weight loss. But, you really need to take a closer look. Here are some guidelines to consider when evaluating a safe method of losing weight:

Does the diet plan emphasize foods from the basic four food groups? Does the meal plan include a wide variety of foods? Does the diet plan recommend at least a calorie intake of 1,200 food calories per day? Does the plan recommend an increase in complex carbohydrate consumption and a reduction in fat intake? Does the plan encourage physical activity as part of a healthier lifestyle?

These are a few of the questions you should consider. Make sure the diet plan includes these points before following the weight loss regimen. Beware of claims that do not follow these guidelines; they could be harmful to your health, and would not be appropriate for safe, weight loss.