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Can You Eat Anything and Lose Weight?

lose weightEat anything you want and forget sweaty exercise workouts. You can still lose weight and attain excellent health. Moderation is the key. Nutritionists don’t recommend avoiding or eliminating any food, because it’s not necessary. They recommend moderation. Nothing is so good for you that you must have it every day and nothing is so bad that you can’t ever have it.

Take chocolate, for example, I can’t tell you it’s good for you. But eating a small quantity infrequently won’t harm you. If you deprive yourself, that’s unrealistic. Also unrealistic is the idea that gimmicks and fad diets are successful ways to lose weight.

It’s easy to lose weight. What’s tricky is keeping it off. That requires a permanent change in eating and exercise habits that most people are unwilling to make.

Also be wary of extreme weight loss measures such as Oprah’s liquid protein diet. That diet is very risky and expensive. It should only be undertaken by extremely obese people who’ve failed to lose weight every other way.

Starving oneself isn’t safe and often isn’t effective for causing weight loss anyway. There’s a misconception that you will lose weight by only consuming 400 or 500 calories a day. But your body will suppress your metabolism to compensate so you might even gain weight. You’d have to keep eating less and less. It would be very devastating to your health.

Instead, people should eat a reasonable amount and exercise to keep their metabolism up. The word, exercise, turns people off. By exercise, I didn’t mean jogging in the snow or getting sweaty and yucky in the gym – just keeping active will do.

For diet, be sure to include plenty of fibre and starchy carbohydrates, minimize the amount of fat and pay attention to the amount of salt and sugar. Drink plenty of water as well – it’s a very forgotten nutrient.

Moderation is recommended for children’s diets as well. Restricting diet at an early age is too extreme and can cause growth retardation. Children need more fat and cholesterol than adults. Children should drink whole milk until they are at least two years old and never drink skim milk until they’re teenagers.

Overweight children should never be put on a weight loss diet. Instead, their current weight should be maintained until they grow into it.

Children needn’t be deprived of sugar either. Believe it or not, sugar has a clean bill of health. It doesn’t cause hyperactivity. It has been linked to dental caries, but the concern is more for dental hygiene than eating sugar.

On the other hand, sugar has no nutrients so no one needs to eat it. But it’s not realistic to deprive children of foods they’ll encounter elsewhere. However, they should know the difference between healthy foods and treats. Treats are okay in moderation, but not as substitutes for healthy foods.

Adults needn’t be overly concerned about sugar in their diets either. It’s more important to limit the amount of fat. We eat so much more fat than needed. We’re probably better off with jam on our toast or syrup on our pancakes instead of butter.

So there you have it. You can really eat anything you want and still lose weight if you follow the nutritionists’ advice about moderation.

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