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Nutrition and Weight Loss

nutrition and weight lossEquilibrium. It’s an important word when you’re talking about your nutrition and weight loss as well as overall fitness. Ignore one area and problems quickly surface in the other. Though regular exercise and activity are now at least recognized by most people as beneficial to their health and well-being, too often proper nutrition is overlooked and the body’s delicate equilibrium is upset.

When it comes to the battle of the bulge, most Americans are losing. For some, the reason is too much inactivity. For others, it’s a combination of inactivity and poor nutrition. Obesity is on the rise, not only among adults, but for children as well. On average, Americans put on 1 to 2 pounds annually between the ages of 20 and 50, typically because of their high-fat diet and too little exercise.

Research has constantly pointed out that exercise can help reverse this damaging health trend, but renewed emphasis is being placed on the role of nutrition in promoting weight loss and a heart-healthy lifestyle.

If people would only follow guidelines regarding proper nutrition, there would be a considerable decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Cancer deaths would drop another 30 to 40 percent as well. These are big numbers and represent millions of lives.

Proper nutrition for weight loss and health starts at your local supermarket and favorite restaurants. The problem is that people do what they want to do when it comes to food, instead of doing what they know they should.

Proper nutrition should be everyone’s concern. If people have interest to spend the time exercising during the week to maintain or improve their health, then they should carry it full circle by paying attention to good nutrition as well. And this means drastically reducing their dietary fat intake.

The dietary fats that you can see (butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, etc.) and the hidden fats you can’t see (fat in ice cream, meat products, etc.) are the real enemies in your diet. Exercise alone will not rid your body of the fat laid on by these culprits.

Combined with good nutrition, however, you can certainly bring about tremendous reversals. Reducing fat from the diet take some willpower and commitment.

Increase the amounts of fruits, vegetables and grains that you eat, while cutting back on red meats, fried foods and rich desserts.

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