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Will Water Help You Lose Weight?

water weight lossWill water help me lose weight is a question many people struggling with weight loss ask. One must be careful to distinguish between losing body fat and losing water. Many fad diets, such as some low-carbohydrate diets, impress people because at the beginning of the diet they may lose 5 pounds in one day. That is water loss, not fat loss. You will regain that water loss as soon as you use carbohydrates again.

Incidentally, a person who has a normal amount of water in the tissues and goes to bed may also lose 5 pounds in one day. But it is not fat, and the weight will be regained once a person is out of bed.

It is important to drink enough water. The amount should be enough to cause a person to pass about one quart of urine or more a day.

But drinking water alone will not help you lose body fat. The key, as with many fad approaches to diets, is in how many calories you consume. If you continue to consume the same number of calories and have the same level of activity, drinking lots of water will not help you lose weight.

But if drinking water helps you limit your calorie intake, you might. The same applies to diets that are mostly lean meat. By limiting your appetite, and the fact that lean meat is not a high-calorie food, it is just a way to help limit your calorie intake. A pound of raw, separable lean round steak contains only 600 calories.

If you want to lose weight, limit your calorie intake and maintain a sensible exercise program.

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