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Stomach Stapling for Weight Loss

stomach stapling weight lossStomach stapling for weight loss has a checkered history. At first the stomach stapling operation was done simply by stapling a row of staples across the stomach, making the upper stomach a small pouch. The row of staples was interrupted in the center area to allow food to pass slowly through the opening into the lower stomach chamber created by the row of staples.

There were some glowing reports about stomach stapling for weight loss, but this procedure was really not very good. The staples often came out and there were many complications. Because of its failure, several stages of modification have been developed.

Using a different method to segment the stomach and actually closing the top chamber of the stomach completely while rerouting the small intestine to bypass most of the lower part of the stomach have been done.

Stomach stapling can help a person lose weight because he eats less. You are really back to the basic truth that weight loss depends on consuming fewer calories than your body uses. If you could restrict your calories just as much without the operation, you would have the same results.

Stomach stapling complications

Initially there may be problems with nausea and vomiting. Others have the “dumping” syndrome. The small stomach means that whatever you consume is immediately dumped into the small intestine. This may cause attacks of flushing, rapid heart beat and even fainting. Doctors who have removed a major part of the stomach in the treatment of peptic ulcers are quite familiar with this complication.

The truth is, if you follow a proper weight loss program coupled with proper exercise you should be able to gradually lose excess weight without stomach stapling.?

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