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Simple Diet Tips Anyone Can Follow

simple diet tipsHere are some slimming diet tips that are easy to follow:

• Each day, have something from the four basic food groups: Three servings of milk or milk products, two of meat or meat substitutes, three or more of fruits and vegetables and three of breads and cereals.

• Don’t start a diet before vacation or any holiday.

• Don’t weigh yourself more than once in two weeks.

• Cut back on salt, which helps retain water.

• Try hot soup before meals, because it must be eaten slowly and is filling.

• Meals and snacks should be planned in advance. Have a morning and afternoon snack and three meals.

• Keep a food log and monitor yourself. Having a friend do it might tempt you to cheat.

• Instead of buying cakes, pies, or cookies, make your own with as little sugar as possible.

• Don’t buy sweet snacks, chips or candy.

• keep a plentiful supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in the home.

• Make your own salad dressing from scratch or from a packaged mix using polyunsaturated vegetable oil.

• Restrict intake of hard and processed cheeses. They are high in fat and cholesterol.

• Choose whole-grain cereals and breads.

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