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Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

lose weight without exerciseGet this: 90 percent of all dieters regain all of the weight they’ve lost. Not what you want to hear, right? You know by now that fad diets don’t work. There are no miracles, there are no quick fixes. Researchers say dieting screams starvation to the body’s metabolism. As a result, a panicking metabolism slows down in an effort to save the energy stored in those love handles. So, a simple answer to the question of “Can you lose weight without exercise?” would be “Definitely not”, at least not in a healthy way.

If that isn’t enough, dieting also results in muscle tissue loss, slowing down the metabolism even more. Sure, you’ve still got to monitor your calorie intake and burn off more than you take in to lose extra fat stores.

But dieting without exercise is a path to failure and losing weight without exercise is a futile undertaking. To lose extra weight and keep it off, be gentle with your metabolism and change your body consumption with regular strength training. By adding this exercise to your weight loss program, you can save yourself some calorie-burning muscle and turn your body into a calorie-burning machine. If you’re into a step class or the treadmill, those activities do little to change body composition.

Aerobic activity is the obvious choice of people who want to lose weight. Sure it burns calories and contributes to body leanness, but it doesn’t add muscle. Extensive aerobic activity combined with a low-calorie diet can burn into protein stores as well, lowering the metabolic rate even more. So 30 to 60 minutes three to five times a week is all you need.

To really make a difference in your body’s calorie-burning ability, you’ve got to add muscle. Regular strength training, done two to three times a week, not only burns calories, but slows the rate of muscle loss during the diet. By putting on muscle, you’ll increase your metabolic rate – some researchers say by as much as 50 calories per pound of muscle. So if you put on two pounds of muscle, your body will burn an additional 100 calories a day.

So, instead of running away with the idea of losing weight without exercise, you are better of following the aforementioned tips and lose weight the right way.

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