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Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

calorie intake to lose weight

The first thing someone does when he or she decides to lose weight is to lower calorie intake radically. It would logically mean that if you eat less food you become less fat. People make mistakes due to the fact that they do not make the right distinction between calories needed for normal body functioning and those needed for losing weight. Because of this, it is really necessary to become familiar with the right calorie intake before you start dieting.

Lowering your calorie intake to lose weight

Upon deciding to lower your calorie intake to lose weight, you will realize soon that it might be the worst thing you could ever do. The probability to lose weight successfully is very small if we do not do things right. Let’s see how our organisms function. First of all, our body is a very complex organism, and it is focused on keeping us alive, instead of our attempts to lose weight. However, if you are very determined to go on a diet in that case your body will need a higher amount of calories. A perfect way to discover the exact number of calories needed is to measure your body fat percentage with a skin caliper. Then you will get the precise information of how much of your body is muscle and how much is fat area.

And what about your metabolism? Its rate slows down when you lower your calorie intake. It becomes slower when you eat less. However, the reduction of calories should be done carefully, step by step, and above all without hurry. A reduction of 10-15% is adequate for losing fat. A small decrease in calories also implies that you can eat more food, so as to have more energy for your everyday life. Otherwise, very strict diets can slow down your body metabolism by 40%.

Also, an unpleasant thing that might happen has to do with your muscles- you begin to lose your muscle tissue. Namely, a great amount of energy is needed for building muscles, and if the body is not provided with enough energy due to lower calorie intake, your muscle tissue will be reduced very soon, making you think you become less fat.

Controlling your calorie intake to lose weight

The essential thing before you go on a diet is to eat well-balanced and high quality food. If you decide to follow Healthy Calorie Restriction, you can lose weight without being hungry at all. Simply, you just have to avoid several food items from your diet such as white flour and refined sugar. Recent researches have shown that people who did not eat processed food during the period of 6 years, preserved better health in comparison to those who did not pay attention to this. So, it is really important to have a good preparation plan before you decide to decrease calorie intake to lose weight.

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