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Childhood Obesity Facts

childhood-obesity-factsNowadays, we are faced with childhood obesity that slowly turns into an epidemic, as more and more kids have become affected with this problem. The researches done by the National Institutes of Health show that the number of children who are overweight is two times bigger than it was in the last two to three decades. It means that presently one child in five is overweight. Further, childhood obesity doesn’t refer only to a particular age, group or race – it’s mostly spread during youth and adolescence among both boys and girls, regardless of their race.

Most often, obese children feel isolated and lonely because they suffer from emotional problems. This can result in developing extremely low self-esteem, which may sooner or later evolve into depression.

Due to the alienation feeling, they usually seem unable to develop key life and social skills, which, in general, can have serious consequences on founding normal relationships with other people.

Although a kid appears to be physically healthy in spite of being obese, the emotional and mental impact can be really discouraging.

The main cause of childhood obesity is eating habits. According to the American Obesity Association it has been found out that nearly 30 percent of parents claim their children consume less nutritious food than they did during their own childhood.

It seems that most of people do not eat often well-balanced and home-cooked meals. Instead, people choose fast food, which although being less expensive contributes to getting more and more fat.

What’s more, TV, computers, and video games lead to gaining more fat as they make you sit for hours and hours without doing any activity. These are really disturbing childhood obesity facts, but luckily, there are many things that can be done to prevent this from happening to your child.

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