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Muscle Soreness and Workout Safety Tips

Man Holding Neck on Isolated BackgroundEvery time you exercise, you may feel some degree of muscle soreness. This soreness is a normal muscle response to unaccustomed exercise and stimulation after neglect. Muscle soreness is actually a good thing, as long as it is not too severe, because it is a sign that you adequately stressed your muscle fibers. In about 48 hours, your muscles will repair themselves and become stronger. Even so, there are ways to minimize muscle soreness:

Warm up thoroughly before workout. This will increase your body temperature and make your body more resistant to muscle soreness.

Always perform cooldown stretches following your workout. They increase blood flow to and from the exercised muscles ensuring better delivery of nutrients and hormones for recovery and repair as well as flush out chemical waste products that lead to soreness.

Enjoy a nice hot bath after your workout. It’s all the better if you can apply water-jet massage from a Jacuzzi tub. Researches indicate that water-jet massage increases the release of proteins from muscle tissue into the blood and helps reduce muscle soreness after a taxing workout.

Also, don’t let muscle soreness sideline you and stick to you workout schedule. If you stop working out, you will only get sore again the next time you exercise. As long as you properly warm up, any sore body parts will be massaged by the repetitions of the exercising stimulating blood flow through the sore muscles for a healing effect

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