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How To Lose 10 Pounds Fast Using Cardio Tactics!

lose10poundsfastOne of the most efficient ways on how to lose 10 pounds fast is to do cardio exercises. On condition that you know what you are doing, this can be very beneficial. However, the fact is that a great number of people, unfortunately, still don’t get it. For that reason, lots of people who go to the gym and spend much time on cardio machines, end with little expected results. Definitely, it is because you don’t follow your cardio program correctly so as to achieve the maximum results.

Great majority of people have learnt that in order to reduce fat, they need to do cardio at a certain pace that will bring their heart rate to a particular range called the “Fat Burning Zone”. It, of course, involves doing moderate cardio exercises. Next, we are advised to proceed with doing cardio and remain in “the zone” for at least 20 minutes to get any results.

On the other hand, what was not mentioned to us is that because the Fat Burning Sector is achieved with medium power workouts, our body stops burning a huge amount of calories almost right after we finish with each session. Besides, we were not told that, if we did high power workouts, our body would’ve kept on burning a large amount of fat during its recovery period. It would’ve lasted for hours after you had an after workout shower. This signifies that although we were burning less while we were doing exercises, we ended up burning a lot more fat afterwards, which is a great deal more effective.

And then we come to the point why we need high power interval cardio workouts if you want to know how to lose 10 pounds fast. For little while we do high power exercises, after which we slow down to medium power for a few minutes just to catch our breaths, and then continue again. Surely, this is a good prospect of how to lose 10 pounds fast, isn’t it?

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